What to Do If Your Windows 8.1 Freezes

Windows 8.1 freezes because of numerous motives. This article is a step-with the aid of-step educational to keep away from device lags and enhance performance of your Windows eight.1.

Check for Windows Updates

Search for Windows updates and deploy all of them. You can achieve this with Windows Update application. Follow the process given right here:

1. Press Windows Key + C simultaneously.
2. Charms bar will open at the proper aspect of your windows 10 reddit display screen. Click “Settings” icon.
Three. Click “Change PC Settings”.
Four. Scroll down the left panel, click “Windows Update”.
5. Click “Check for Updates” button.
6. Download and installation all updates available.

Stop Non Required Services

If there are too many pc services strolling you can revel in that your Windows eight.1 freezing a bit. You want to turn off those offerings which aren’t important for everyday functioning of your running device. This will improve gaming overall performance as well.

1. Press Windows Key + X.
2. Click “Computer Management”.
Three. Expand “Services and packages” from the left hand facet panel.
4. Expand “Services”.
5. A list of all offerings will seem at the right hand facet. Look for useless offerings and prevent them. To stop a carrier, right click it and select Properties.
6. Under General tab click on “Stop” button and choose Startup type= Disabled.
7. Click Apply are not a complicated computer user use a machine software software program to carry out this venture.

Enable Hyper-V

This trick is typically beneficial to dual boot users. If you have one or greater working systems mounted on the equal device, permit Hyper-V era from Windows Features dialog field.

1. Press Windows Key + X.
2. Click “Programs and Features”.
Three. Click the hyperlink named “Turn Windows features on or off” on the left panel.
Four. A new conversation field will appear. Check-up a container labelled “Hyper-V” after which click on OK to put in it.

Turn Off Drive Indexing

Windows 8.1 freezes because of non-stop drive indexing service. It consumes machine resources and reminiscence which leads to gradual performance and system lagging.

1. Press the Windows Key.
2. Type “Indexing Options” within the Search Box.
3. Click the Settings icon.
Four. Click Modify button, uncheck all drives from “Change decided on places” listing container.
5. Click OK some thing extra essential. Since the Registry includes lot of software records and consumer settings, it should be defragmented on everyday foundation.

1. Download a System Utilities software.
2. Install and run this system.
3. Start scanning Windows Registry.

Optimize Drives

Like Registry defragmentation optimize the drives of your operating device. Analyse total fragmentation of your difficult disk and defragment all drives as follows:

1. Press the Windows Key.
2. Type “Defragment and optimize your drives” inside the Search Box.
3. Click the Settings icon.
Four. Open it from the quest effects web page.
5. Optimize Drives program will open. Select all of the drives displayed in the list field.
6. Click “Optimize” button.

Adjust Windows Settings for Best Performance

Adjust Windows for fine overall performance; no longer for excellent appearance. This placing may be modified through System Properties conversation box.

1. Right click on My Computer desktop icon.
2. Select Properties.
Three. Click “Advanced device settings” hyperlink.
4. Click Advanced tab after which Settings button below Performance.
Five. In Visual Effects tab pick “Adjust for quality performance” alternative after which click OK.

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