Tip decoration roller blinds

Have your own custom made roller roller

If you are bored with your old roller curtain but don’t have enough money to buy, you can decorate your roller curtain and make it look style and new. When renovating a house, people usually pay attention to the color of the wall or reset the furniture, completely ignore the appearance of their windows. However, just think about the day during the day you look out the window and you will get the idea why changing window care you can be an important part of the renovation project in your home. Now, if you are happy with the curtain you already have, but just want to refresh their look, there are a number of things you can do to decorate your roller curtain.

Before starting the task of renovation, you Roller blinds must ensure that the curtain is cleaned correctly and cleaned because you don’t want anything from blocking your creativity. Collect dust using a feather duster or vacuum cleaner and use water and clean sponge to wipe blind. Because you have released a blind person, you can wash it more thoroughly by soaking it into a bathtub.

Fabric for fabric decoration

The first option in decorating your roller curtain is to attach a piece of cloth to the surface. The procedure is quite simple. You have to measure blind in order to determine the size of the fabric that you will adhesive in blind. Fabrics must be a few inches wider on all sides of blind, not only to minimize opportunities for measurement errors but also to facilitate the process of gluing. Now choose a cloth. You can choose some natural or synthetic ingredients, single or patterned colored, completely up to you. However, it is better to choose lightweight materials such as cotton than the weight such as wool or velvet, because this can affect the function of your curtain.

The next step includes attaching the cloth to blind. Use spray glue or glue glue to apply glue evenly on the blind surface. Start attaching fabric from top to bottom, make sure there are no folds or bubbles. When you are done, you can wrap extra cloth around blind and glue it on the back or just cut it.

When your roller blind decorated has been dried, it is time to add a finish. To seal blind properly, add white glue on a cloth that will prevent it from fraying. If you don’t plan to roll blind up and down too often the matte sealant along the edge will do the trick. After everything is completely dry, your roller blind is ready to return.