questions to be asked before you choose a solar installer

What you need to know when choosing a solar installer

With the summer approaching, now is the right time to start looking for a home energy energy system. Before you scroll a telephone book to find local solar professionals, there are a number of important considerations that you must calculate to find the right solar installer for your solar power system project. Knowing what questions should be asked can make a difference between interesting trips to renewable energy and endless flow of problems with your new solar energy system.

How many solar energy systems are you installed?
Ask whether professionals have experience with tie grids or off grid solar energy systems. Also, ask whether the installer does most of the housing Solar installations system or commercial solar panels. It will show that the contractor has a history of involvement with industry and is familiar with many brands and components that are different.

What did you recommend for my property?
As the potential of solar clients, keep your interest in advance. If the solar contractor arrives at your door, communicate your interest to go solar, and find out what they recommend for the solar power system on your property. Chances are you already have a selected site – but find out what your contractor’s recommendations are subject to showing your hand. In this way, you will confirm that the installer recognizes the importance of location selection. If they appear without solar or suneye pathfinder in hand – try other people! The most important decision of the solar energy system is the selection of a site.

Do you have formal training in home solar energy installations?
A good installer will be the one who has received extensive training. For example, many solar panel manufacturers offer sustainable education classes to solar contractors. These classes help familiarize the contractor with the ins and outs of a unique solar energy system. You might want to ask candidates for installers whether they receive formal training with certain brands of solar equipment that you expect to buy.

Do you have certification?
A number of national and state organizations, such as the North American Certified Energy Council (Nabcep), offer certification programs to help distinguish capable professionals. The Nabcep Council specifically holds its installer to some of the highest standards, and many countries now require homeowners to use Nabcep certified installers before they can participate in the financial incentive program. The On-Line Nabcep Installer Locator makes it easy to find a certified professional in your area.

Do you have a reference?
To actually test the reputation of the Solar Installer, consider asking for a reference from the previous client. Contacting past customers is a great way to determine whether the customer service ring company claims is correct. Many installers will be happy to show a complete solar power installation image – it is a good job sign!

Does your installation team include an experienced electrician?
Many solar energy systems require complex electrical components and foreign hardware, so the expertise of the electrician is very important. However, not all licensed electricity is accustomed to the solar energy system, so it is important to ask whether electricity works on your system has received special solar training and has experience installing a photovoltaic energy system.