Proper storage helps keep your gold necklace chain tangle free

There’s nothing more elegant than gold necklace chains, particularly if they’re adorned with pendants. The most important thing to do is store your necklaces. Tangling can damage the chain. How to store your Necklaceproperly will ensure they last a lifetime.

The most dangerous kinks you can find in gold necklace chains include the very thin ones. If you get them tangled together with another chain and it bends the chain may not lay straight on your neck. There are several options for storing necklaces. There are two types of storage units: those that are cheap and those that cost more. It all depends on how many necklaces you have and what your budget allows.

Many jewelry boxes include small hangers for hanging your necklaces and pendants. You can keep your necklace safe from other necklaces getting in the way, as well as tangling and knotting. This is the best method to store necklaces.

If you don’t own a jewelry box to store necklaces but are in a pinch, and you still need to protect your gold necklace chains from being tangled or kinked due to the lack of a jewelry storage container, you can use an iron hanger to secure the necklace to the hook. If you have a corkboard, you could pin a small number of necklaces to it.

These are simple ways to keep your gold necklace chains tangled up while you’re on vacation. You can prevent them from getting kinked by rolling one necklace in a piece of tissue. Make sure you don’t just lay it down on tissue and fold it.

You should keep your necklaces apart from your other jewelry. This is because thin necklace chains made of gold are magnets for rings and other jewelry. It can become almost impossible to remove the kinks. A jewelry box should have a compartment that can hold your necklaces. If you are away from home, however, your necklaces should be stored on whatever surface you have. If you take extra care to store your necklaces, they’ll last for many years.