How To Install K9 Pet Turf Systems For Dogs

Do not drive the nails to deep into the soil as it could create a situation where the turf will pull down, creating wrinkles in the turf. In the process of seaming, U-nails of six inches are used for joining the grass. Two seams get pressed against one another using U-nails that are spaced 6 inches apart. The process for finishing the U-nails is exactly similar to that used previously. Click for more information on San Clemente artificial grass installation

If the length of the lawn isn’t divided evenly in 15 feet, you’ll have one area in which you do not use the entire thing. Remember that artificial grass is produced in long, 15-foot-by-100-foot rectangular strips.

Watering The Lawn

A green and healthy lawn isn’t easy to attain and maintain particularly in areas that have limited water supply or soil that is poor. Artificial grass is an excellent alternative for homeowners who desire the appearance of a grass, but without the hassle and expense. It is possible to lay your own artificial grass in the same way you would lay sod, but without water. After every raking of your filler material, use a powerful Broom “bloom” your turf, brushing grass blades. If you can’t locate a power broom, employ a stiff nylon-bristled brush as well as a carpet rake. The majority of artificial turfs are the fake grass blades are bent into one way. Be sure that the turf is laid out with the blades pointing in the same direction, otherwise your turf will look less natural.

How To Install Artificial Turf On Dirt Or Soil In 11 Easy Steps

He is an Idaho registered Contractor and previously licensed irrigation contractor in Texas. State of Texas. If you prefer, use a leaf blower to remove debris off the surface after it is completed. It will likely take multiple runs back and forth across the surface.

This video will guide you through the process of installing. Afternoon – The last step is to make sure that the surface is nice and level across the entire area.

This is crucial in redefining the memory of the turf, making it more manageable. Your comment was excellent about stopping the growth of weeds with an additional layer of sand or stones.


If you’re working using a shovel or a pickaxe and wheelbarrows, cut the lawn into stages in order to ensure a consistent depth of at least 4 inches. You may choose to dispose of the trash elsewhere or hire the dumpster to take it away.

Be aware that when choosing your turf type , QUALITY MATTER! A majority of “discount” turf you’re going to find on the internet will likely not perform as well than ProGreen’s 100% manufactured from America USA fake turf. The final step is to apply the infill you want and sweep it over your artificial grass. Home Depot has a variety of artificial grass that ranges between $2.25 to $51 for a square foot. It’s best to go to the store to feel and touch the grass and also compare the various shades of grass to ensure you understand what you’re receiving. Be sure not to keep grass fibers trapped beneath your nail’s surface.

Secure one side of the turf using 60D nails spacing them 3″-4″ from each other. Make sure the turf is stretched tightly, and fix by nail when you go to the other side. Install a nail every 3″-4″ around the perimeters , and then every 12″-24″ across the entire field. Be cautious not to go too deep and this could cause divots and dips. Also, beware of blades or thatch that get caught in the nails. It was our first experience installing artificial turf and it couldn’t be easier. Artificial turf emphasizes techniques and professionalism.

If you are cutting the turf to be able to properly fit in the space, it is recommended to cut the turf by 1 inch around the edges. If in doubt cut the turf thicker because it is able to be cut later.