Grownup Little ones of Alcoholics – Surviving The Holidays With the Dysfunctional Families

The final point is this, God hates hip-hop for one reason: It’s ungodly!!! The record companies that produce and sell this trash are ungodly!!! The artists that write and perform it are ungodly!!! Those that allow their children to have it in their homes are ungodly!!! and last but not least, the children. .. they become ungodly and because they are not old or mature enough to really understand the consequences of their actions, their blood is on ALL your hands, so now you know the truth, you have been WARNED and the only thing left is the consequences and fearful looking for the judgment of God, which will come in a day when you think not. REPENT and turn from your evil deeds that you might be saved from the wrath that is to come and remember the next time your riding down the highway or on the internet looking for that next song to play on your iPod that ‘God Hates Hip-Hop,’ and Rock-n-Roll Too…

Hip-Hop was popularized for it’s rough, rugged lyric ユーチューブ音楽 癒し s and ability to explain a culture that had gone unnoticed to mainstream white America: African-American Ghetto life. The ghettos were originally designed for the persecuted Jews throughout history, but began to enlarge it’s borders and take on all those that were of the lower social statues class of people–poor folks. These people (African Americans) were not going to lay down and take the crimes perpetrated by the government and it’s police force for long with the Civil-Rights-Movement still fresh on every ones minds; the ink of history hadn’t even dried yet before ‘Watts’ and the ‘LA’ riots popped off, which reopened a festering deep wound that had never healed. I say all that to show that ‘Rap Music’ is not to blame for the unrest of persecuted people, but was the catalyst for something much more sadistic: The ‘Big-Pay-Back’.

One of the biggest, fastest growing music genres of this day is the urban style of music called Hip-Hop. But an alarming trend flows from within the belly of the beast that is ‘Gangsta-Rap.’ This mutated form of hip-hop is deadly and so violent that new advisory labels had to be designed to warn the public of it’s content for fear of the consequences. But you and I know that the kids only see this form of advertising more attractive and because this is so, the children desire it all the more and if they can’t get it at home their friends are more then willing to transfer it to their iPods unbenounced to the Advisory Board and their parents. Warning Labels are not the answer. The only thing that concerned people and parents can do is strike out against those that are responsible for these wicked business practices that allow this type of trash to be spawned infecting our children and influencing their young minds to ponder such heinous acts such as: murder, drug dealing, oral sex, gang violence, misogyny, drug use, black supremacy, racism to name only a few. This article will show that Hip-Hop is not only bad for us and our children, but if let uncontested will cause more unnecessary bloodshed and immorality that threatens to rival that of Sodom and Gomorrah in the bible and we know what happened to that place because of the unchallenged sin practices. That is why I labeled this article “God Hates Hip-Hop.” Let me explain, prove my point and call your conscience (con=with/science=knowledge) to action!

Capitalism is the new form of dictatorship and all that fall under it’s rule are slaves to it’s power; this power, dominates and controls it’s subjects with the selfish lusts of the flesh and the promise of a better life, when achieved only leads to more corruption and more lascivious behavior. “The love of money is the root of all evil,” this word that comes from the bible could not be more true in this case; it will set the stage for the main topic of this article: God Hates Hip-Hop!

Fast forward to the mid 90’s when hip-hop had it’s most prolific years and made more money around the world than it’s competing genres. But this came at a high price, considering what was being taught to fragile minds that were now able to access this material, via the internet (peer-to-peer sharing sites) and avoid the road blocks set in place to stop them from hearing this type of material, which ain’t fit for dogs. .. let alone our children! Some will say that the parents are to blame for their children getting a hold of this ‘Rat-Poison,’ but my question is: when do the Recording industries and the artist take their share of the blame?! There is three levels in which the blame falls upon: Corporate, the artists and then the parents, but the parents are the last to learn of the multimillion dollar campaigns and ads that are used to promote such garbage and they target younger and younger audiences by way of television commercials, ringers, video games, banner ads on popular social networking sites such as MySpace, Facebook and YouTube. You’re right that the parent is the key factor and final authority on raising the child and protecting them from vultures that prey on the week-minded and unstable, but what if those practices that the artists and recording labels use are not so clear cut? Could it be that maybe these companies and those that they represent only care about one thing and that one thing ain’t your feelings or your well being, but what they can get out of your pocket, for these people are no longer in this business to entertain, but to fulfill their evil desires such as greed and power.

Rap music exploded on the scene with a cross over hit called ‘The Message’ by a futuristic group called, ‘Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five.’ We have came along way since the days of pop-locking and break-dancing, but one thing is for sure. .. the by-product of the 80’s never died: Rap music, which later came to be known as Hip-Hop.

Hip-Hop was never really a voice of the people, but a weapon for the people and it’s made clear by rap lyrics today that I will not even get into, because in order to open that can of worms I would need a stick of dynamite, but what I will say is this: “the ends justifies the means.” Let’s validate that point and drive the final nails in this article that proves that Hip-Hop is an evil art form that is used to gain political and social power over the masses and needs to be over thrown like the wicked dictatorship it is!

Now, What is known as hip-hop today truly was derived or had it’s origins with another popular urban street group called ‘Afrika Bambaataaand and the Zulu Nation.’ These groups would awaken black-America to it’s roots and call all to action against a social-dictatorship which I like to call, simply: Capitalism.