Characteristics of central air conditioning electric heaters

Configuring the air conditioner electric heater is preheating for the water medium, raising the water temperature, ensures the normalization of the air conditioning unit and the normal operation of the host, and the main machine heat supply efficiency and heating effect, then central air conditioning electric heating What are the characteristics of the device? 1, the heater is made of stainless steel, the size is small, the land is small, and the waterproof design is also very reasonable, and the insulation design must be used between ceramic heater excessive and liner can avoid the loss of calories during the work. In winter, the freezing of the barrel. 2, the heater heating equipment is all 316L stainless steel seamless steel pipes and excellent magnesium oxide powder, which makes it resistant to corrosion resistance, insulating resistance, far exceeding the national standards.

3, the heater temperature control system and overheating protection system, temperature control system (generally set 60 ° C) and overheating protection system (generally set 80 ° C) all adopt domestic brand components, high agility High efficiency, so that the heater can save energy, protect the product damage during operation.

4, the heater has conducted a series of test tests, high standards, strict requirements before the finished product, and enables the carrying capacity of the product to meet the national small pressure vessel.

5, the heater makes full use of the gold segmentation point to the design of the water flow, to ensure that it is high, and there is no high heating effect on the water flow.

The above is the characteristics of the central air conditioner electric heater, have you understand?