Business Shipping Services – Save Time, Reduce Your Shipping Costs and Generate Sales

Let’s face it, shipping can be expensive. Whether you are shipping to a domestic or international location, regardless of what you are sending, we have a few tips which can save you money. Most of the same principles apply whether you are sending a small package or a large freight load.

1) Compare shipping rates between the various carriers. – No matter what you are shipping or where you are shipping to, comparing rates among the carriers will save you money. You may be surprised how many different shipping companies you have to choose from, no matter where you are shipping to. For 중국배대지 small packages you have UPS, FedEx and the USPS, in addition to many regional shippers such as DHL and Spee Dee Delivery, depending on where you are shipping to and from. If you are shipping larger freight type items you may have many more options including YRC, Roadway, Vitran, Midwest Motor Express, Old Dominion Freight and many more. An easy way to compare these rates is to use a shipping rate comparison website which requires you to enter your information only once to see the rates of multiple shippers’ side-by-side. Comparing shipping rates alone can save you a considerable amount no matter where you are shipping to. You’ll be surprised how much the prices can vary for the same shipment between companies.

2) Use the smallest box or container possible while still properly packaging the shipment – Most shippers now charge by dimensional weight meaning both the actual weight and size of a package are taken into consideration to figure the price. This makes sense for them since a heavy package takes more fuel to transport and a large package takes up more room in the truck. As such, for small packages use a box that is large enough to include adequate padding all around your item but no larger. For larger freight shipments the same principle applies, you’ll pay more the larger the container so don’t use a larger one than necessary.

3) Shipping via slower methods can save you money – Say you are in California and you have a small box you are shipping to New York. Ask yourself, “How fast does this package have to get there?” Generally the faster the shipping method the more you are going to pay. If it doesn’t need to get there overnight, send it second day. Three day is generally even less expensive. Finally if your package is not urgent a ground shipping method is often the least expensive way to go. Again, the same principle applies with larger freight shipments, no matter where you are shipping to