Betting on Virtual Sports

Bookmakers offer betting far beyond the most common real sports betting and it is very common to bet online on websites when there is live sports it matters a lot to bookmakers. There are also so-called virtual sports. This article addresses this topic by showing the pitfalls that bettors can fall into if they bet in this modality.The bookmakers , mainly European And Asians bookmakers offer a form of betting based on virtual events. Virtual events are game simulations 파워볼오토 of the most different modalities performed by the computer.

What are the pitfalls of virtual sports?

There are several pitfalls and dangers that virtual sports have. First, we have to analyze the reason for the existence of this type of betting. Virtual sports exist to make up for the absence of betting on real sporting events like 유로88.

This is the case, for example, on the days when there is no real sport happening. Thus, there will be a virtual modality so that it is still possible to bet. With this, bookmakers guarantee their users the possibility to bet on the sports they like 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Why are virtual sports not profitable?

Betting on virtual sports has a totally negative expected value and therefore it is not possible to be profitable in this modality in the long run. There are three factors that support this statement.

  • Juice: the first factor is related to the juice of the odds offered in virtual sports. In other words, the odds are unfair and always pay an amount below the real value they should be worth.
  • Analysis: the second factor is related to the impossibility of performing an analysis of the teams. As teams are fictional in terms of players, it is not possible to weight any of the analysis factors that are used in a real match analysis.
  • Manipulation:  Finally, the third and last factor is linked to the manipulation and results patterns of bookmakers. As the matches are simulated virtually, the houses have full control of the results of those matches. In this way, they can simulate results that maximize their own profit according to the bets previously placed on that event.

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