A Christian Perspective on the “Race Card” Game – Part 1

An important part of a night at the greyhound races is being capable of interpret the race card as it carries a variety of statistics about each race. It is therefore essential to apprehend what the letters and numbers imply on the pinnacle of every race in the card as it tells you what grade of race it’s miles, the distance it’s far to be run over, the kind of dogs going for walks and extra except. Here is a brief review of what the special styles of greyhound races are and a way to perceive them on your race card.

The kind (or grade) of race is commonly the primary factor you notice to the pinnacle left of the cardboard. This may be in maximum instances the time the race is due to begin. That is followed with the aid of a letter (to suggest the grade of the race) and various (which represents the space of the race in metres) Indian race card. So by using way of a short example in case you see something like 19:30 A5 500 that means that the race is due off at 1/2 past seven, it is a grade A5 and the gap to be raced is 500 metres. But there are other grades and distances concerned which we can cover subsequent.

OR means open race. As the name shows it’s miles open to all dogs and therefore draws greyhounds with a higher level of capability. Sometimes there are additional race conditions along with age, maidens (no longer gained a race). The fine greyhounds will regularly travel to tracks faraway from wherein they usually race as the prize money involved may be worth the journey.

Now we’re in to graded races, which make up the fayre at maximum conferences. The quantity at once to the left of the letter is the grade. The higher the wide variety the higher the canine. For instance an A2 race is of a higher grade than an A6. The greyhounds which run in graded races are primarily based on their maximum latest times so in theory as a minimum they’re of equal or very comparable ability.

D method it’s far a dash race. This is commonly run over a distance of between 250 – 300 metres spanning bends of the music.

A is most people grade. Most graded races are A grade. The distance of races is normally among 450 – 500 metres or more or less on lap of the track plus a run-in to the first bend.

S approach it is a race for “stayers” – in different words for greyhounds able to racing over longer distances. These sorts of races are usually 600 metres and upwards in distance taking location over six bends of the track or round a lap and a 1/2.

P method the race is confined to younger greyhounds (puppies) no extra than two years old. The distance can vary from race to race so look ahead to that within the wide variety subsequent to the P so you are aware about the space of the race.

Occasionally you may see HCP or just H. HCP indicates it’s miles a handicap race with dogs’ starting positions staggered according to their potential. The exceptional puppies supply the poorer puppies a start based on latest overall performance and ability. H indicates it’s miles a hurdle race over which the dogs have to jump at the least three hurdles.