309 Awful Petty Revenge Stories


As I scan some onions, I feel a sneeze coming, so I turn AWAY from them and sneeze into my elbow. After that, I was careful not to use that hand. After I scan everything and print her receipt, the woman brings the onions back and says that I sneezed on them (I didn’t and was VERY CAREFUL not to) and she wanted new ones. Before new ones came, she left, so she paid for onions without taking any home. My ex left me 1 day before our 4th wedding anniversary, 2 weeks before our “honeymoon” trip, and a month before my birthday, citing many reasons why. Freshman year of college, loud neighbor used to play the White Stripes at full volume daily at 8am while he worked out.

Being sober around a bunch of drunk guys gives one a certain amount of leverage. One night I am at the bar sipping my soda. Two seats over is a pretty girl who’s body language is screaming “please leave me alone.” My best guess is she came with some friends but felt out of place. A drunk frat guy sat between us and started to hit on her very aggressively. She seemed to be doing fine deflecting him but he kept it up.

I watched several rounds of the game, and once someone dropped out, I joined in. I won the next game, and the game after that. They were silent the rest of the night, until we out the cards up finally. My boyfriend wanted to see a sold out show to the foo fighters this summer. Him and his friends failed desperately in getting their hands on any tickets.

I was cleaning up in the morning and he was asleep on the couch. I took his flip flops and put them in the lost property. I should clarify that Amber was not in any trouble. I just wanted to witness the cheating for myself without anyone catching on to what I was doing. Not only was I trying to stop the cheating off of Amber, I wanted to see if she knew what the other two students were doing. Within an hour after that exam, her parents sent me an angry email wanting to know why Amber had been sent to the hallway.

It was that moment I realised my opportunity with an hr & more to go, excusing myself for bathroom break I hid all of the toilet paper. Knowing she wld need to use the bathroom before the night was over and had to go back CBD + THC Gummies to her lapdance after. In high school I had one of those BS kinda relationships. When I finally wised up, I broke it off. I guess he was more hurt than he let on, because about a month later he gets this new car.

Every time I see ether of them “what’s up Fire crotch” comes out of my mouth. Best part is he thought he has an std for a few weeks. In case anyone is wondering what I meant by playing games, I meant things like tetherball and handball. Another thing I want to clarify is that I did get in trouble at school for splashing water in her eyes but in the end all they did was call my mother. In the end she didn’t even get mad because she has done similar things when she was bullied as a kid. Was in high school and I had been dating this guy for like 3 months.

I then reclaim my rightful place in my perfect spot. The lady comes in, sees her stuff, looks at me, connects the dots, and now has been shooting the occasional death glance from the front row and every other spot filled up. I was in eighth grade, and there were a few guys who always tried to take part of our lunch – just bugging us until we finally would. A friend and I got decided what to do. One night, we baked brownies and packed them full of chocolate Ex-Lax. The next day, they were thrilled to get brownies.


I asked him politely but firmly to not call me that. Ill be in the fast lane going 60 in a 50 and still people will ride my ass and blow their horn but Ill just slow back down to the speed limit. That’s what they get for being a dick. I called him about an hour later to ask how it went. He said they all went nuts, screaming and shit and even called the police.

I stroll up and ask where they’re headed and am told they’re looking for one of the libraries. It wouldn’t be too far out of my way so I decided to take them there. As we’re walking I make small talk asking what the kid plans to study and whatever. To be helpful, I started pointing things out on the way.

This happened a while back, study hall in 8th grade actually. I always brought two small sandwiches to school so I could have one at lunch and one in study hall since our teacher let us eat in that class. One day as I was about to eat my Sandwich, I get up to use the bathroom. As I walk back in the classroom, I see the kid in front of me eating my sandwich.

There was this one guy who would repetitively come in and order and expected me to bring it to him. He would also demand that I put in extra espresso without charging, because we were in the same class. He tossed the wrong amount of money on the counter and sauntered off. My stepsister used to pick fights with me when we were kids. One day, she REALLY got on my nerves.

I tell him that I’ll go ahead and let him order, but that he can’t be in the store withou a shirt on & he’ll have to take it to go. He decides it’s in his best interest to eat in the lobby. I turned the A/C as cold as it will go on high.

Years ago in my high school AP economics class I was assigned to sit in the corner of the room where I was flanked by a handful of very popular, very lazy kids. After every exam the teacher would announce my “high score” to the class. I was just walking back to my car from class and had to cross the professor’s parking lot to get to the student lot. I came across an older man getting into his car and I noticed that his large coffee cup is still on the roof of his car.

When I was in fourth grade I was a model student. One day my teacher claimed I hadn’t turned in Oursons au CBD pour le sommeil my paper and I was going to get an F. I was crying and very upset that she wouldn’t believe me.

Petty Revenge

One day I spotted this shitty old Toyota started parking there meaning that there was not enough room for residents. When I was 11, I was seated next to a Bully who regularly took the treats my mother put in my lunch bag. After a few weeks of this I replaced the contents of a Hershey bar with chocolate Ex-lax. He was off school for two days and my lunch treats were never touched again. I got a MITSUBISHI MIRAGE DE COUP, and one time I was coming through Virginia, they have State Police and they are always looking to give tickets at the drop of a hat.

So I had a friend back in high school that was a jerk. He mooched money and food off of me anmade fun of me and would hit me. At first I ignored it but over time I grew tired of it. My then-boyfriend’s roommmate was a terrible person. Like, leaves used pads on her bedroom floor dirty. Just an awful roommate that did nothing to contribute.

Petty Revenge Stories

I know it was a lie because 1) I was just in the locker room and nothing of the sort was said and 2) the dude he was lying about was actually a really nice, respectful guy. I did not know about the bonus till a week later when I went back for a few beers. The waiter recognized me and told me the bonus story, laughing the whole time. Girls were at the bar doing shots getting wasted.

I then noticed that the date of observation was on Wednesday. I called and said that couldn’t be true because I took it down on Monday. Instead of admitting her mistake, she lied and said that she had seen it up on Wednesday. In college (early 1990’s), I lived with several guys in a suite. One liked to call me “chunky A”, yes, I was chubby.

I was a high school teacher when a group of students told me that they saw a boy and a girl cheating off of another girl- let’s call her Amber. I thanked the group for their honesty but explained that I had to have proof before I could do anything about it. Years ago when a student I worked 8 hours a week in my local supermarket. A few years down the line, the books are selling well, and he is doing the recording for the Prisoner of Azkaban, when he runs into the phrase “Harry pocketed it”. It always came out as “Harry pocketeded it”, unless he said it ridiculously slowly.

When a person doesn’t respect retail employees as people, it’s the best way to tell whether a person is an asshat or not. Luckily, some heroes were in the right place at the right time and quickly came up with an appropriate punishment. Some of these are the perfect examples of how to get revenge without causing any real harm, so there’s something to learn. This musical performance will consist of a variety of Christmas carols. The concert will take place from Dec. 16-19, with two matinee performances as well.

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My best friend comes in to have her baby we walk down the hall there he is. She leans over and we make-out for a few minutes and she says how happy we are for having a kid. He leaves as my boss is practically wetting his pants laughing. One night in New Mexico on I-40, i was passing another semi that was governed at 64 mph. Cue d-bag from California with no governor riding my ass. I’d almost get past and then Cali would flash me so I just let off the gas and got about even with 64mph guy.

Had some really pushy salesman trying to sell me solar panels. As I was bored I decided to indulge his bullshit and appeared to be hanging off his every word. When I was a cashier, I had a woman checking out..

The next day, when the actual band teacher waited on me to finish getting my sax set up, I told her about the tomfoolery of the percussionists. She gave the 3 lunch detention, with a very happy Jim. ‘interesting’ things (feet, asian feet, beautiful feet, latina feet, etc.) I’m not exactly proud of it, but she shouldn’t be proud of herself with such a search history. I had spent a week moving every night after work. I moved all day Saturday and was driving down to clean my old apartment. I am working for a company which are managed by some toxic people.

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So the shortcuts and the links that appeared to be on desktop were just a picture and were not click able. He messed around with his computer for hours unable to get it to function normally. I take the train to work each morning and then again to get home. I like to sit in the quiet car because it allows me to think and do a little extra work each day. On the train ride home today a woman in front of me kept talking on the phone even after people nicely asked her to be quiet. The conductor also came through and informed her she was on a quiet car.

“Take us to the English department.” Some guy says. I was like “no can do, chief. I gotta go to work” and it clearly didn’t register. I tried to tell him that this was an informal tour and I’m not affiliated with the orientation and he didn’t understand. “What the hell kind of tour is this? We paid good money for this orientation. You’re going to take us to the English department!” Imagine Mark Derwin’s character from Accepted. The English department was actually pretty far away so I wouldn’t be able to get him there without being late to work.

So while we were cleaning up paint brushes, , I put her painting in the sink with the tap running, pretended it accidentally fell in there and walked away like nothing happened. I had a 6 month school internship at a mobile phone store. The boss was a total asshole that treated his school-interns like full paid workers (even gave me some concerning money-responsibilities).

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This went on for about 20 minutes until Cali finally didn’t flash me. I got his air horn when Cali passed me. oh well, don’t be a dick at 3 a.m. I called his company and reported him. One day as I was working drive-thru at my job . It’s a stupid system and if people wanted to take forever they did and we’d get yelled at.

The old lady considers for a second, picks up the stamp and leaves her 50 cent piece on the floor in its place. ” and walks out, and the woman behind the counter has to walk around to pick up the money. Grande Prairie local pens children’s book inspired by nature and trees Grande Prairie local, Rhonda Kokosha has penned with the help of her son her first children’s CBD Energy Drinks book. Kokosha’s delightful book I Really Like the Trees Outside is meant to inspire everyone to embrace nature and the beauty of the natural world. The prose for this book had been formed when Kokosha and her youngest son were walking outside one day. I used to live with a Chinese guy who was the most incredibly unhygienic, dirtiest and messiest person ever.

Reminds me of when I was 4 and in a park and this girl yelled at me “DO YOU HAVE A BROTHER OR SISTER?!” and when I answered no she pushed me down the hill. “She knows you’re lying just to try to get in her pants. That guy would never say those kinds of things about her because she’s his sister, you moron.” So, this just happened and the woman is still shooting me dirty looks. So, when it was my turn at the register, she asked me in a small voice “Are you a member o-o-of the rew-w-rewards club?

By the confident manner in which he denied table access to those several people that he spoke to, I doubt he did. And if he did, he made things worse for himself. The seats we are in have very little support so someone behind you could push your seat and you’d feel it. Several riders decided it wasn’t worth it and switched cars. I decided I had enough and slouched far enough so both of my knees were firmly in the back of her seat pushing fairly hard.

Don’t worry, the police are involved. Well, a few hours earlier I went with a police escort to gather the rest of mine and my children’s belongings. He was sitting on the couch with his new gf, both drunk af. After a concert today, I’m lined up to purchase merchandise, and the line is absolutely enormous.

The phrase “Harry pocketed it” appeared in the next four books. So now I am moving out in the next few months, and he has been showing my place to potential new tenants and the rate of showings is getting rather annoying. So this evening I thought it would be a good time to send a clear message that I have had enough of the showings. Basically, I haven’t had the greatest landlord and have gotten screwed over a few times by him but never really did anything about it.

I did a bit of a jump and land, never once touching my brakes. I gave him zero warning for what was about to happen. The email list disappeared from my inbox within 24 hours.

He mentions how one of his female friends is interested in me and he suggests a threesome. Someone I know and his wife were being harassed pretty badly over the phone so the husband made a Craigslist ad and put the harasser’s phone number to it. I live on a quiet residential street, lots of families, nursery, primary school and kids’ playground – you can picture the type. When my kids were around 10 and 12 , I noticed that when I would put my 2/3 full can of pop in the fridge to keep cold, when I went back there was always some missing. Wasn’t long before I heard cussin’ from the kitchen…..turned out it wasn’t the kids doin’ it, it was my husband!! My parents told me when I was 4 years old, my older sister had thrown my new toy truck over the fence intentionally.

2 older kids were watching bc both skated by imitating him & thought they went unnoticed. My son didn’t notice but I said it was a break time & left him with my wife. I went back on the ice & clumsily knocked one kid on his ass and he went sliding a good 15 feet and his glasses flew off. I bumped the older teen too and he toppled over.


All of a sudden middle aged Stacy mom dragging a very embarrassed teen cuts in front of me and 150 other people. “Excuse me ma’am you cut in front of me and a lot of other people” she turns to me and says “mind your own business” I’m pissed but I’m also patient. She gets bounced towards the back of the line which is now like a 20 minute wait so she’s gotta wait double the time. I live in uni halls and was good friends with people in the flat upstairs.

Trying to choke someone in 4th grade is pretty … My roommate in college and I never really got along. At the end of the semester, I noticed him writing down formulas on a tiny, tiny piece of paper- obvious a cheat sheet.

I stomach it, grab my stuff and move to a different spot. While I’m sitting there eating my pretzel, I notice her and her kids all going to the bathroom. I run, grab all their stuff, and move it to seats right in front of the entrance so they’ll see it as soon they walk in.

My mind is too plodding and methodical and slow. I try never to get impatient at fast How many CBD Gummies should I eat? food workers. After nearly an hour of feigning an interest he said to me ‘So!

Next morning I broke into his locker and replaced the contents with toilet rolls, brushes and towels from the shared toilets. Would’ve loved to have seen his reaction. My sister pissed me off once day while we were taking a bath together by farting in my face so I peed in her mouth. I started licking and spitting on or in all my food.

At a party my bff’s bf loudly and in gory details told all his friends about their sex life – being very rude and insulting to her in the process. Apparently for the next week he would show his junk to all his friends CBD Öl Kokosnuss asking if they could see anything. Girl at school was talking about me within earshot to some guys at the end of the table (she was a slut, nothing against them as I am one, but it’s relevant and she gave me hell).

Shortly on arrival, I found that they’d set up a game of Tunk, and were playing for money. Manager gave me five dollars and told me to win him some money. The people at the table already assumed I’d lose off the bat.

I’d also been stuck in there twice already that weekend . Each time, I called the front desk and they were able to recall it to the ground floor but Malia I’d learned to be wary. Needless to say, the day I walked out of school when everyone got their final grades and yearbooks was a great day for me.

I’ve done this before and really appreciate when someone tells me that I’m about to drive off with my drink on the roof. ” -“Oh, sorry Doctor…nevermind” So I just stood there and watched as DOCTOR Asshole throws his camry in reverse, spilling his FULL cup of coffee all over his windshield and window. Dr Snarky flashes me a look that could only be a look of remorse mixed with anger. He probably realized that I was just trying to help but was pissed that I decided not to.

Action figures, balls, frisbees, rackets, etc. After I don’t him he needed to stop or things were going to change, he said “I don’t care.” Later that night How to Dose Delta-10 Gummies I broke up with him. Turns out when I did break up with him, it broke his heart. Our old landlord threw us out when our youngest was 9 days old.

However, one of them constantly stole other people’s food. Complained to me about it so I came up with a petty plan to get him back. Few days later he’s out for a few hours so I go upstairs and proceed to wrap all of his food and pots and pans in clingfilm and hide them in a stool . Then wrapped clingfilm around the stool too. When he came back he was not best pleased. When I was in the 8th grade a friend of a friend of mine found out my last name,witch is Moore, and started calling me Whore because it rhymes with Moore.

Same subway employee with the a-hole with no shirt. A few weeks later he pulls into my drive through at 5 min to close. He gets half way through his order and then tells me to hold on and rolls up his window. After 15 minutes, he finished his order saying that “he needed to take a phone call.” His mistake? He asked for jalapeños and sriracha sauce on his sandwich.

So each night, I used to go out and surround the car with wheelie bins, and put the rubbish bags on its roof. After a few days the owner got the message and started parking his car elsewhere. I was working on a school project with a friend, and had done about 3/4 of the work when I had to leave for a family emergency. She turned in the project without my name on it, saying that she had done all the work herself when I wasn’t there. I “redid” the project, using the 3/4 that I did and putting insane effort into the last part.

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By then, he couldn’t claim my work, and I begun to get noticed more. Next day the manager calls me to tell me I’m being let go. Apparently pool stick guy spends a lot of money and me putting him to sleep left him bitter so he called the owner. As we’re walking someone interrupts and says “are you headed to the library?” I confirmed that we were and allowed them to tag along. I didn’t go full tour guide and turn around, so as I’m walking I remain facing forward. I didn’t notice that a few other families started following behind me.

At the next exam I put my my paper in very clear view of Matt. He had been told that I was now willing to “help” him and his friends. I circled all wrong answers while making a special mark for the correct ones. Just before the time was up, I quickly changed my answers back when nobody was looking, turned in my exam, and smugly walked back to my seat. Well as I get closer to my building there is a large speed bump in the street, effectively to get people to slow down as they approach the parking garage entrances. I look back and see asshole still riding my bumper.

She figured it out eventually though. I worked at a subway through college. A-hole with rich parents to put him through college decides to come with no shirt on.

I like to think he got what he deserved for being disrespectful. “To get there it’s easiest to take a campus shuttle” I said “I’ll walk you to the bus stop.” He was satisfied with that so off we went. We get to the bus stop and I tell him that I won’t be riding with him because I’m only a tour guide for this particular area. Once he gets on the bus he should wait three stops, then get off and meet a new tour guide that will be there waiting. Instead of saying thanks he grumbles out a “was that so hard?” and climbs aboard. I am not in line but I see their little act.

Anyways the bar has a nice fancy jukebox. If you have the app you can just pick songs on your credit card and they’ll play. If you hit play next on a song, even if they turn the jukebox off, it’ll play when it starts back up. One night some trouble happens between some regulars and one guy tries to hit another guy with a pool stick.

I used to work in a kitchen, and one of the cooks would use the cornstarch in the pantry to make sure he didn’t chafe. Then would put the box back, like nothing ever happened. He was told multiple times that was disgusting and not to do it again.

I remember thinking to myself I need to slow down for this speed bump, and looking back and thinking, if I hit my brakes, this guy is going to hit me.. The plan takes shape in my mind and I speed up.. So I live next door to a couple and their twin boys. The boys can’t be more than 8, and like most kids, they like to play in the back yard. Which is totally fine, doesn’t bother me at all. What bothers me though is that they love to throw their toys over into my yard.

I found out where he lived and I waited a couple of months and started it all over again. Cue a group of young, bitchy girls in blinged-out clothes deciding they don’t have time to stand in line. They go to the front and stand behind the person currently paying.

My brother tried explaining but I still insisted that he was a stranger to me! In the end the school phoned my mum & he had to be identified by his tattoos… Back in high school, I had a friend who would just look through my bag without my permission.

And at one stop light I had had enough of his tail gaiting and honking so I revved my diesel jeep and watched him cough and flip out in my black exaust. Every time somebody pisses her off, they find that all of their clothes are hung on the plastic ones. Clearly, someone needs to check on their priorities. A life is always worth more than a f’ing car. And the job fell through also….Karma is a bitch….

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